Monday, August 29, 2011


"You Lie!"
Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC), yelled out “You Lie!” during President Obama’s speech on healthcare in September of 2009.

In today’s SI Filings Aaron Blumer posted the following headline that originates from an article the Filing links to,
Fundamentalism provided fertile recruiting soil for another powerful movement -- the Ku Klux Klan.
No qualifying statement, nothing. At SI, under About SI, you find this statement, “SI is a fundamentalist place...This is how Fundamentalists see the world?” Which is it? Is SI “a Fundamentalist place,” or is the site, its publisher, admins/moderators hypocrites and impostors?

The evidence of hypocrisy is overwhelming and irrefutable. From this point forward anytime Aaron Blumer, his admins or moderators suggest that SI is not hostile toward Fundamentalism, that SI is for and about fairness toward or advancing the best of historic, balanced Fundamentalism, the right response is, “You Lie!

The open challenge to Aaron Blumer is still on the table. Produce even one front page article at SI that is thoroughly positive and uplifting toward Fundamentalism and edifying for fundamentalists. Aaron tried, but he cannot produce even one example because there are none. Instead this SI Filing reaffirms SI’s open hostility.

I urge any persons or ministries that participate at or support SI in any way to end the relationship. Your participation perpetuates a site that is not the friend of historic, balanced Fundamentalism.


Addendum: SI administrator Jim Peet acknowledged that he personally uploaded the Filings. Aaron Blumer is site publisher and therefore responsible for all SI content. Furthermore, this Filing is just one of many examples at SI of it’s eagerness to besmirch and castigate Fundamentalism. SI's bias, hostility and aggression toward Fundamentalism is irrefutable.

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  1. Update:

    Ken Silva's Appraising Ministries blog picked up this article, ran a story on and link to it. Soon after SI reacted to this article. Of course, Aaron Blumer and Jim Peet do not get anywhere near the focal point of the article, which is the long time, demonstrable pattern of bias and hostility toward Fundamentalism.

    We get it alright! SI is very fond of referencing and linking to articles that demonize, are hostile and/or demeaning toward Fundamentalism.

    Furthermore, still Aaron does not cite any example of a thoroughly positive front page article from SI. He can't because there are none.


  2. Interesting to note that the discussion thread degenerated into a heated spitting match between certain members of SI. The Steve Davis article (thread), which I covered here, also became a verbal brawl. Uncivil discourse is becoming increasingly common place at SI.

  3. The following is from Pastor Brian Ernsberger who sent the following to me via e-mail.

    In the thread of the SI Filing Joe Roof makes claim for bringing attention to the [KKK] article to SI as if SI would actually do something credible in critiquing, debating, etc this author and his bias. What utter nonsense! This article was not worthy of our attention as fundamentalists. Its exposure should have remained in its own remote circle but no, these guys [at SI] wish to broaden its scope, what utter nonsense.

    Brian Ernsberger

  4. I guess I'm not sure why Aaron must produce an article 100% positive on fundamentalism or be denounced a phony fundy.

    This standard you seek to hold him to is simply made up.

    Every culture must contain the mechanisms for its own critique.

  5. Dave :

    This is one reason why I am calling on Aaron to produce even one front page article that is thoroughly positive on Fundamentalism and edifying for Fundamentalists.

    SI is a fundamentalist place. We welcome readers of every kind, but remember that SI is about how fundamentalists see the world.

    That is what, according to Aaron, SI is about. Instead we get a steady barrage of articles, Filings, Forums and blogroll sites that besmirch and demonize Fundamentalism. For example the article from Steve Davis1 and the KKK inferred Filing I discuss here, and from Kevin Bauder a three part attack (on the names and legacy of Bob Jones, Jr and John R.Rice)2 and his incendiary Let’s Clear on This3 article.

    Aaron and his leadership, Jim Peet in particular, obviously delight in not just posting articles like that of Davis and Bauder, but searching the Internet for non and/or anti-fundamentalists’ cannon fodder for SI to ignite. They are finding new and novel ways to use non-fundamentalists to besmirch and castigate Fundamentalism with the broad brush. The KKK article being the latest and surely will not be the last.

    BTW, do you know that Aaron offered Phil Johnson’s Dead Right from 2005 referenced at SI as a positive on Fundamentalism? Large elements of that article was widely criticized by Fundamentalists as out of touch and misguided.

    Is it unreasonable to ask Aaron to produce just one article from the SI front page over the last six years that was thoroughly positive on Fundamentalism? No, it is not! And he can’t come up with even one, because there are none.


    1) “SI is a Fundamentalist Place?” The Facade & Veneer Is Stripped Away

    2) Kevin Bauder: A Call for His Removal From the Platform of the 2009 FBFI Annual Fellowship

    3) Let’s Get “CRYSTAL” Clear on This: A Response to Kevin Bauder’s “Cannonball” Cogitations

  6. Btw, Dave:

    I want to be clear that I do not denounce Aaron as a "phony fundy. " I have, however, rightly labeled SI as a "pseudo fundamentalist" site.